Four Attitudes Women In Business Need To Change

Women are starting businesses at a greater rate than ever before. Unfortunately, they often encounter a variety of problems that keep them from growing as far as they could. Forbes has a list of four barriers they may eventually encounter.

Women self-limit their ambitions.

Elting followed — and advocates — another tack: Go for broke when you are young and have nothing to lose. Don’t worry about whether you’ll have a flexible schedule in 10 years, just do whatever you are passionate about.

Women’s assertiveness is perceived as “bitchiness.”

When men make tough decisions, they are “strong” or “assertive” but women … that “b” word crops up. “If you want everyone to like you, you will have a hard time doing what is necessary,” Elting says.

Men need to change.

It does mean recognizing that your wife’s career matters as much as yours does. It means men must be educated about the joys of fatherhood.

Women need to network.

She sees social networking as a boon. “A young woman may not call Meg Whitman but she can follow her [on social media] and learn,” she says.

Photo by Alan Cleaver

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