Sacramento Bee‎:

The Electronic Transactions Association (ETA), an international trade association representing more than 500 companies who offer electronic transaction processing products and services, announces its engagement with Trevelino/Keller to promote its Certified Payments Professional (CPP) program to merchants.

The purpose of ETA is to influence, monitor and help shape the merchant-acquiring industry by providing leadership through education, advocacy and the exchange of information. Its Certified Payments Professional program sets the standard for professional performance in the payments industry and is a symbol of excellence. It signifies that an individual has demonstrated the knowledge and skills required to perform competently in today’s complex electronic payments environment.

Headquartered in Atlanta, with a presence in Washington, DC, and Charleston, SC, Trevelino/Keller brings years of experience in the payments and financial services industries, having worked directly with ETA for its clients throughout the past eight years. Trevelino/Keller also offers extensive experience in merchant-facing industries, which aligns with ETA’s goal of education not only for the payments industry, but to those served by the industry.