620 WTMJ:

It’s the thing that might now be the most recognizable symbol of the state of Wisconsin: the cheesehead.

It all spawned from something a lot of people from Wisconsin experience: getting ripped on by a sports fan from Chicago.

“We were going to be going to a baseball game in the late 80’s,” Bruno told Newsradio 620 WTMJ’s Jay Sorgi.

“They were calling us cheeseheads. Personally, I like cheese. At the time, I was re-upholstering my mom’s couch. I had a piece of foam rubber. I cut it into the shape, burnt holes into it, painted it the color that it is, stuck it in a bag and took it to the (Brewers) game. We were tailgating with a bunch of friends…(then) went in (to County Stadium) wearing the hat. Everybody just wanted to try it on, just calling me ‘Cheesehead.’

“Next thing you know, I’m quitting my job and making cheeseheads.”

Photo by Martha Soukup