Hindustan Times:

Tata Group-owned Landmark, which has 18 large format book stores, is revisiting its expansion strategy. Instead of expanding through company-owned stores, the book chain will now focus on establishing a franchisee-based model. “Until now our approach has been to open Landmark-owned stores,” said Ashutosh Pandey, chief operating officer, Landmark. “We are now looking at the franchisee model.”

The company is looking to open at least 25 new large format stores over the next three years. “We have realised that it’s one thing to run a few stores on our own but it’s not the same to do so on a larger scale,” said Pandey. “Landmark is more than just a bookstore as we have at least six categories including books. This kind of work needs specialisation and as we look to expand rapidly, the franchisee model will work best for us.”