Entrepreneur To Open £1m ‘Curry Mile’ Restaurant

Manchester Evening News:

Entrepreneur Jaf Siddiqi is to open a £1m Indian restaurant on Manchester’s ‘Curry Mile’. The Malai will start trading on Wilmslow Road, Rusholme, in the autumn, and Jaf has plans to expand with sites in Manchester city centre and Liverpool by 2014.

Customers will also be offered valet parking, together with complementary rickshaw rides into Manchester city centre if they are planning an evening out following their meal. Jaf said: “The expectations of Indian food in the UK has increased dramatically, with a good percentage of people now understanding exactly what good Indian food is.

“ I am going to bring a menu full of old classic dishes that have been cooked in my family for generations – and I’m sure that they will be very much appreciated by all of our guests.”

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