Give Green A Go: Environmentally-Friendly Franchises

Take dry cleaning, for instance. It’s hardly the obvious place to start; for years, the industry has worked on the assumption that there is no alternative to perchloroethylene or perc – a chemical which has been linked to bowel and bladder cancers, can trigger asthma attacks and allergic reactions and does untold damage to the environment. However, Daisy Dry Cleaning has turned this thinking on its head with an advanced wet-cleaning process which cleans clothes thoroughly and safely, leaves no unpleasant smell and doesn’t harm people or the planet.

As the world’s greenest dry cleaner and the only one that is carbon neutral, Daisy has attracted a great deal of interest since its launch last year. There are now four outlets in Victoria and founder Paul Littmann plans to make Daisy the first national brand – though, in order to do that properly, he’s taking it slowly. Full post.

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