Dunkin Donuts In Hot Water With African Americans

Huffington Post:

Dunkin Donuts has some 7,000 locations at this point. Out of them, how many would you guess are franchised by African Americans? Would you guess less than 1 percent of them? It’s true! And if the recent franchise news about the company is an indicating factor, either Dunkin Donuts will need to change how it conducts business, or that number may never improve.

With only 50 franchises in its roster being owned by African Americans, the sweet treat chain was delivered a lawsuit this week. A group of African Americans and other ethnic franchisees have come together to take their grievances and concerns to the courtroom. What they claim, the reason they are suing, is that Dunkin Donuts has been treating African Americans unfairly. For starters, they allege that the franchise has been trying to keep black franchisees pushed into areas of the country that are poor and less desirable. Problem is, these areas are also less profitable.

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