When a business plans to expand and grow, moving to a bigger, more suitable office space is inevitable. A better office space will give your business many benefits and will certainly be a fresh start for your business and employees.

Here are some great reasons to move to a new office space and revolutionize your business

Improve your brands perception

A new office space with bigger and better facilities will be a great way to showcase your brand and will give a more professional edge. The office style and size you choose should reflect your business and the kinds of clients you aim to attract. If you are planning to acquire new staff and expand your businesses size, choose and office space that reflects this. An office space company or facilities management firm will help you pick an office area which is the most suitable for you and your employees

Enhance employee morale

A change of scenery and higher quality surroundings can work wonders to boost staff morale and work ethic. It is a sign that you care about your staff and this will lead to them having a positive perception of not just you as a boss, but the company as a whole. These changes can also boost productivity as the chance to use the latest in technology and work in high quality surroundings will be extremely appealing and will make employees take more pride in their work.

Review your costs and outgoings

This is a great time to evaluate all the expenditures your business had in the previous premises and shop around for a cheaper deal. There will be many new costings to consider for your new office space so it’s best to negotiate and complete these changes before your business makes the move. Many energy suppliers will be keen to provide you with a lower or competitive rate seeing as you have acquired new premises. It may also be a great opportunity to sell surplus or unneeded office equipment from your previous office space or just recycle them. You may also be paid for your recycling if it is a large amount.

Upgrade technology

Many businesses use this as an opportunity to choose the latest upgrades in technology to enable efficiency and productivity. This can also benefit brand perception and staff morale.

Be closer to clients and competitors

Many small business struggle to find central or city based premises due to rent and utility costs and usually have to settle for out of town premises. However, if a business expands and has the correct funds to move to a bigger office space, it means that they are more likely to be closer to customers, both existing and new, and competitors, meaning they can keep a closer eye on business developments and increase networking opportunities. Also, if your business is more centrally located it means customers can find you more easily.

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Photo by Mark Stosberg.