How to Use Your Website to Increase Your Sales Lead Generation


Having a website is an indispensable business tool – not having a website today is like not having a phone. But just because your company has a website doesn’t mean you know how to use your website to get sales leads. Too many business websites underperform in generating sales leads – either the website has too much useless content, or the content is too focused on sales pitches (at the expense of building credibility).

Here are a few ways that you can use your website to improve your sales lead generation:

  • Feature various benefits in your headlines: Every article or page on your website needs to answer the question, from your client’s perspective, “What’s in it for me?” Too many company websites, especially in the B2B market, focus on features and long-winded explanations about the company’s history and background and other things that really don’t benefit the client. Instead, offer a short, punchy description of why your product will help your clients. Show them a clear image of how your company can help them solve their problems.
  • Add impact to your promotions with hover ads (use pop ups): There are many ways to interject some selling opportunities into your website content. For example, if you have a website page explaining the process to buy a solution from your company, you could set up a pop up ad to appear, saying, “Ask us for a free quote!” Just make sure your pop up ads are not too obtrusive and that they actually make it easier for your website visitors to find relevant information. Don’t annoy your customers with clutter and too many interruptions.
  • Set up a problem in your website content, and show how you resolve it: Offer case studies, FAQs and well-written descriptions of how you have helped other clients to solve their challenges. Give your website visitors a clear understanding of what you do, how you add value, and which situations are the best fit for your solutions and services.
  • Enhance your visitors’ trust in you: The number one goal of your B2B website should be to build credibility. Website visitors will buy from you if they trust you. They are looking at your website to learn more about you and to decide whether or not your company is worthy of their trust. One great way to improve your sales lead generation on your website is to include real testimonials from real customers. Use their real names and job titles. Show that other people have bought from you and trust you, and you’ll be more likely to get additional sales.
  • Maintain user attention with well formatted content: Pay attention to the user experience for everyone who visits your website. Use proper visible images of your product to attract visitors. Make sure your website design is clean, uncluttered and easy to follow.
  • Make a good follow-up process to maximize your sales and attract more repeat business: Once you have a prospective customer who sends you an e-mail, what do you do? Make sure you have a good system in place to capture sales leads from your website, and to sort them in terms of priority for follow-up. Find out which sales leads are most likely to convert – perhaps by asking your prospects to fill out a short survey about their needs. Get a sense for which prospects are most eager to buy, and which ones are just looking for information.

Improving the sales lead generation effectiveness of your website is one of the most important ways to boost your sales results. By building credibility, simplifying the presentation of your site, and emphasizing the benefits of your solutions, you’ll see more website visitors turning into buyers.

Gregg Schwartz is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Strategic Sales & Marketing, widely recognized as one of the industry’s leading B2B appointment setting companies specializing in B2B major account lead generation.

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