Niche: Organic Salons

The Times of Northwest Indiana:

Lake now uses only organic products in Artiste Organic Salon and Spa, her new salon on Main Street in Hobart. Organic hair care products are those made solely with natural plant ingredients.

“I became allergic to everything I had been using,” Lake said. “I had bumps on my head, swollen fingers. Using bleach and color made my eyes water. It bothered my breathing and my skin. I’d choke and gasp on the fumes.”

The salon’s all organic product lines have been a big hit, she said.

“Some of my older clients have conditions like psoriasis and eczema,” Lake said. “The organic products don’t bother them as much. They love it because the products don’t cause health problems for them or for me. Everyone is into organics now days.”

Lake has four independent contractors, two masseuses and two hair dresser/cosmetologists, working at her shop. The location has a kitchen and several rooms that allow Lake to host events, such as Ladies’ Days Out, beauty parties, plus holiday–themed and other special occasions. Many of the events help Lake Raise funds for charity.

Photo by AJ LEON

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