A Mobile Fashion Boutique

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Stillwater Gazette:

David and Teresa Grim have brought a coastal craze to Stillwater with their shop The Fashion Mobile.

The new business by the Grims, who formerly owned Doozie Chic Boutique in downtown Stillwater, is aimed at making fashion fun and bringing friends together for an evening. The Grims began their new business just over a month ago after finding a magazine article about fashion mobiles in Boston and Los Angeles.

“We closed (Doozie Chic Boutique) two years ago and we were looking to do something in retail again but we didn’t want to go through everything that a brick and mortar store brings — finding a location, signing a three-year lease — so we chose to do this because it was more flexible for us.”
Similar to a Tupperware or jewelry party, a person signs to host a party and the Grims come to the house with merchandise. Selling is not pushed so the Grims can answer questions that anyone might have.

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