Starting a business is hard enough if you’re an adult. If you’re a child, the complications only increase. However, many children succeed in business. Some mow lawns, walk dogs, or baby sit for a living. Maya Penn runs a fashion accessories business.

Maya Penn, CEO and owner of her own online boutique “Maya’s Ideas,” started the company just three years ago at the tender age of eight years old.

Since launching the shop through, the adorable 7th grader has been received orders for her whimsical scarves and headbands from around the country and the world.

Penn even grabbed the attention of Forbes magazine. The biweekly business publication profiled the pint-sized CEO on its list of ” Sixteen Grade School Entrepreneurs.”

Penn has also learned the power and purpose of giving back.She donates least 10 percent of the profits from “Maya’s Ideas” to charities in and around the city of Atlanta.

“I like making people happy through my items. But some people might not have the money to purchase my items, so I like to help other people and make them happy through donating.”

Screenshot from Maya’s Ideas on Etsy Sixteen Grade School Entrepreneurs.

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