New Tech You’ll Spy in Emerging Small Businesses

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The following is a guest post from Stephen Cline.

Small businesses often adopt the newest technological advances before large corporations. That’s because small businesses can adapt to changes more quickly and they have the ability to take risks that corporations usually avoid. When paying attention to the new tech used by emerging small companies, experts often find that they are looking at the future of business solutions.

Keep an eye on these recent technological developments to stay ahead of competitors and improve your business’s chances of success.

Tablet PCs

Tablet PCs can offer several advantages over laptop computers. Tablet PCs, for instance, weigh less and have touch screens that are easier for many people to use. These lightweight computers allow small business employees to work outside of the office. Cloud computing allows employees to share documents even when they’re away from the office’s network. That means they can work from home, cafes, or during business trips.

Small businesses also appreciate the lower prices of tablet PCs. Every dollar saved can help a small business reach its goals.

Some of the top tablet PCs to keep an eye on include:

  • G-Slate
  • Motorola Xoom
  • BlackBerry PlayBook
  • iPad

Companion Monitors

Established small businesses that already own laptop computers might not make the switch to tablet PCs any time soon. They can, however, make their laptops easier to use by purchasing companion monitors. Companion monitors, like the Sideline CINQ, offer a variety of advantages. The CINQ, for instance, can act as a second monitor, allowing employees to multitask wherever they are. You might use the ten-inch CINQ to work on a project while your smaller laptop screen lets you check email with a glance.

The low price of a companion monitor is also attractive. The CINQ only costs about $250. That’s something that most small businesses can afford.

There’s also the route of dual monitors being used at most companies. This allows for more real estate (just like the CINQ) but they’re larger and generally identical. Nice for the OCD at heart. There’s tons of monitor deals out there to find a perfect second monitor for employees (especially when buying in bulk).

Inexpensive Encrypted Hard Drives

Small businesses have to make sure that they protect confidential files. That hasn’t always been easy, though, because encrypted hard drives cost a lot of money. The Rocstor Commander 2UE solves that problem. This small, portable hard drive makes it easy to encrypt files without spending a lot of money. The drive connects to your computer via a USB2.0 drive, so you just plug it in, save your files, and go on your way. If you lose this rugged hard drive, then you don’t have to worry that someone else can access the encrypted files.

320GB models sell for around $175. Even the 750 gig model costs less than $300. That makes portable encrypted hard drives affordable for all businesses.

Keep an eye out for these new technologies; you’ll probably see them used by small businesses before they become popular at large corporations. If you want your business to compete, then consider investing in the newest technology now; early adopters might find that they get to take advantage of these benefits before their competitors even learn about the newest devices.

What types of new technology has your business used in recent years? Did you feel that they gave your business a competitive edge?

Stephen Cline has his MBA and is taking a break from the corporate world by entering the intricate world of blogging to share his expertise and new experiences. He contributes every now and then to .

Photo by practicalowl.

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