iPhone Case Made Of Wood

When we think of iPhone cases, we usually think of plastic. Well, JOE recently shared information about a case made of wood.

Created by Dónal Moloney, Carve Cases is a one-man operation set up to fight back against the blight of cheap iPhone accessories that see users slap an uninspired, tacky piece of plastic on their coveted tech. Admit it, we’ve all seen it happen.

Unique and undeniably beautiful, there’s a great contrast in having state-of-the-art tech housed in a home-made wooden case and it’s one of the reasons that Dónal is deluged with worldwide orders for his creations, with custom offerings set to follow in the near future.

JOE: What was the inspiration behind Carve Cases? Did it bother you to see expensive gadgets housed in cheap covers?

DM: There were a few things that inspired me to start Carve. Initially I was playing around, trying to create a unique case for my own iPhone. I couldn’t find one already on the market that I liked, so with my background in CNC [computer numerical control] manufacturing; I gave it a shot.

When people saw it, I started to get requests to make more. The more I looked into it, the more I discovered that a lot of people don’t like to cover up their beautifully designed iPhone with plastic.

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