Audra Reid will bend over backwards to get you relaxed and healthy.

Cheesy cliches aside, Reid believes yoga is the answer to a less stressful lifestyle, and she has turned what was once a hobby into a career.

The former esthetician is opening the Niagara Falls Yoga Center on Lundy’s Lane between Montrose Rd. and Kalar Rd. next week. The grand opening will be held Sunday from noon to 3 p.m. with regular classes getting underway Tuesday.

The owner said she decided to open her own practice because there was a need for one in Niagara Falls.

“I didn’t want to go into a gym and teach,” she said. “I don’t want it to be a gym-like feel. I want it to be completely dedicated to practising yoga properly.”

After taking yoga classes for years, Reid joined a studio in Burlington where the Iyengar style of yoga was taught.

“That’s where I found my niche for the style of yoga I felt was the right way to go,” she said.