Homeless Tourism

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A Seattle entreprenuer named Mike Momany, who happens to be homeless, is offering you the chance to be a homeless person just like him. The only catch is that it’ll cost you $2000.

Upset by the growing homeless population in Seattle, which has shot up by 15% since 2007, to more than 9,000 people this year who are living in shelters or on the streets, Momany claims he wants to get people thinking about new ways to solve homelessness. But he wants to make a business of it, too.

Each tour costs $2,000. Momany says his take is $1,500 (for an hourly rate of $19.76). The rest — about $500 — will be donated to shelters and pay for expenses, like the clothes his clients will wear to blend in.

There’s more information at Momany’s website: realviewtour.com.

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