Niche Biz: Tours By Locals

Tours By Locals is a new web site that connects people who are traveling someplace with local experts that could act as their guides, according to a listing on

The idea is to maximize local knowledge and let tourists have access to people who could give them a true understanding of any location the are visiting – after all, who could convey the different aspects of a culture more fully than a person who has lived there all his life?

The site itself collects a vast number of profile pages, and it is important to stress that all the local guides that are featured are extensively screened. They do not receive their payment until the tour has finished and you (as the customer) have expressed your satisfaction with the service that has been rendered.

Editor note: If you have a lot of knowledge about a particular area, you can apply to be a tour guide. Tours By Locals takes care of all advertising, booking and payments, you just run the tour. A nice little side biz.

Photo by Tours By Locals.

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