CJ Isakow and his company Eyebloc recently appeared on the ABC entrepreneurial lifestyle show Shark Tank. Here’s his tank on what you didn’t see:

“I was treated like a star,” Isakow says, of his time in L.A. “I had my own trailer, with hair and make-up, which is funny, since I’m bald. We started early—6 or 7 a.m. I had to walk down that long hallway and then you’re told where to stand, so you can see me looking for my mark. Then they tell you stare down the sharks for 30 seconds. So if you weren’t nervous before….”

Isakow explains that he actually had 45 minutes in the room with the team of five investors who make up the Sharks. The majority of his time in the “tank” was cut to make “good TV,” something he knew would happen before he set foot in L.A. “I recognize that this is reality TV,” he says. “I just wanted to make air. I’ve proven that [Eyebloc] is a good concept.”

You can buy Isakow’s Eyebloc on Amazon.