Framing Business Turns To Apps For Sales

When he was 21 years old, Jim Brent opened up his first picture framing shop. It has been 20 years since that first shop opened, and he has decided to expand into another arena, the App world.

The application, known as Frame Shop, is the first framing application that has been created for the iPhone and android phones. Although the app is free, it gives people the opportunity to actually buy their photo, framed, just as they designed it, according to Ventura County Star.

“Basically, you log in and you go to a blank palette. Click on import and pick a photo from your phone, put it on the palette and choose a frame,” said Brent. “Add it to the cart and pay through PayPal and you can have it shipped anywhere you want.” Customers can choose8-inch by 11-inch, 11-by-14 or 14-by-18 frames and each cost $25, $39.00 and $55, respectively. “Right now, they can choose from about 30 different frames, but eventually, there will be more than 60,” Brent said.

“When people get this app, we want the reaction to be, ‘are you kidding?’ “We can take photos from cell phone cameras and turn them into framed pieces of art,” Brent said. “We work with software that resizes the pixels and enhances the photos and the result is really beautiful.”

Brent said that the closest you can get to similar Internet framing deals is around $80, “and you don’t get much in the way of framing selection for that,” he said.

Screenshot from Frame Shop

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