Wine Tastings At Home

If you love wine then there is a good chance that you’ll love Wine Shop At Home, a direct sales company that specializes in a variety of wines and wine tastings.

Elizabeth Moore loves good wine and often found herself hosting a wine tasting or being the guest of one. With a little urging from her mom, Elizabeth decided to make the move from host to consultant. It has been six months since she joined with Wine Shop At Home and her business is going strong.

Tell us a little about Wine Shop At Home.

I am an independent wine consultant for Wine Shop at Home. I come over to people’s homes to have a private wine tasting. I also educate everyone how to pair artisan wines with food.

What about this opportunity motivated you to become a consultant with the company?

At the time I was a full time caregiver for my mother and on the weekends I would go and have wine tasting either at my house or a host/hostess house. My mother loved wine and helped me to understand a lot of different kinds of wine. She had passion for people and great wines so right before my mother’s passing she told me to have something to do after she has left other than being a mother, which is great but my passion is meeting and creating new and long friendships!

What is a tasting party like?

I find someone that would love to be a host/hostess (grocery stores, community meetings just about anywhere) hand out my brochure’s and talk to people. I get them to sign up as a host/hostess, tell them to invite 16 people over, order the wine sample (6) bottles, (1) of the bottles is the hostess bottle to share or to have at the tasting. I have everyone fill out interest form name, address etc,and if anyone is interested in being a host/hostess, also on that interest form they can fill out how many bottles of wine they usually drink and at what cost do they buy it at. Then we move to the wine menu which is the bottles of wine we will be tasting. They score on each tastings. We always start out with white and I play a couple of games with the party, like the S’s of wine:

SEE: teach them about clarity & bold colors

SWIRL: hold the stem of the glass NEVER THE GLASS and show and tell about the legs

LEGS: being the drops of wine that run down the inside of the glass when you swirl it Viscosity of alcohol and water

SMELL: Here is another game to play have everyone stick their noses right into the air space of the glass where the aromas will be and close your eyes and then I ask what do you smell, there are quite a few aromas.

SIP: Take a sip but do not swallow yet, draw some air while sipping swish a little in your mouth then swallow.

We do this with all the wines and in between we pair foods with them.

How many different products are available?

We carry Reds, Whites, Dessert, and Sparkling Wines (not champagne), gift baskets, cases where you can create your own Labels, Wine Clubs, Corporate gifts, Stemware, Wine, Accessories, Boxed Gifts, and Double Magnums. The prices vary. Don’t forget taxes and shipping. We do not ship everywhere yet!!

What do you enjoy the most about working with this business and the tasting parties?

Breaking bread with strangers at the beginning and drinking really good wine with friends during the tasting.

Would you mind telling us a little about the business opportunity they offer?

I have been given this great opportunity to learn and enjoy, educating people about wine, having a lot of fun, and make money!! WOW I love that. my new life. I am able to financially help my family and to teach my daughter that she needs to create her passion and have her own lifestyle for herself, and make money all at the same time.

What would you say to someone that was interested in joining your team?

Go over the contract, listen to their needs, wants and sometimes the fears (is this really me).

Where are they allowed to have tastings.

What states are able to either ship or have wine tastings.

Invite them to my wine tastings, so they can see first hand on how much fun I have and the customers have.

What are some of the lessons you have learned from your time with Wine Shop At Home?

Customer service is and will always be number one. If a host/hostess does not have enough wine glasses I bring mine, if they are running out of time to pick up items for the tasting I go and get it. Whatever they need I am there!!

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I truly believe no matter how bad the economy is (I have been laid off for 2 years) I will always love to have a good glass of wine and share it, savor it and enjoy it with someone new.

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