The Plain Dealer:

Aromas of cinnamon, carob and honey fill the tiny kitchen in Corrie Hanton’s Lakewood apartment.

After pulling a large apple cinnamon muffin in a bone-shaped cake pan from the oven, she explains that the healthy treat is designed for a special occasion — like a doggie birthday party.

The muffins are among a range of pet food created by Hanton, who extends her holistic approach to nutrition to her four ferrets: Joey, Hobbes, Haley and Jools, who regularly enjoy home-cooked meals.

In January, she decided to do the same for other animals. She founded Pet Pastries, a home-based business that sells freshly made pet food with specialty ingredients. That includes using herbal remedies in custom treats for pets with specific health issues.

For example, she puts the dietary supplements glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM — which some humans take for joint health — in some of her snacks for animals with malformed hips or arthritis.

Hanton believes that a healthy diet and lifestyle can reduce trips to the vet and prolong pets’ lives.

To address the lifestyle aspect, she plans to open a holistic wellness center for pets.

“This is somewhat new territory,” Hanton said. “But I think if it was available it would catch on.”

Photo by Lisa DeJong.

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