Drive Thru Funeral Parlor

Adams Funeral Home

How do you hold gang funerals if rival gangs turn graveside services into shootouts? On funeral home in Compton, California has figured it out: drive thru funerals. The Christian Post has the story:

According to the funeral home’s office manager, the drive-thru service is primarily intended for elderly visitors who may find it difficult to move or for those who are physically impaired.

Denise Knowles-Bragg, the office manager at the Robert L. Adams Mortuary, told Reuters news agency that the drive-thru convenience is also for visitors who want to pay their respects during their lunch hour, and is especially useful for families who expect many guests at a service.

The funeral home was named for owner Robert Lee Adams Sr., reportedly a former local politician. According to his wife, Peggy Scott Adams, who was widowed in 2005, the drive-thru service became popular in the 80s, when the area was plagued by gang violence, including shootouts during burial services at cemeteries.

Video from the Los Angeles Times below.

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