Smoothie Vending Machine

This looks promising.

What looks like the world’s first smoothie vending machine, Juva Juice, made its debut on Mississippi State University’s campus in January.

MSU alumnus Justin Mitchener began working six years ago on a machine that would offer a healthier drink alternative for students on-the-go. The first and only machine on the market was located in McCool Hall for the past 90 days collecting data, until its removal Monday. However, the life of this vending machine is far from over. Mitchener said he hopes to fight Mississippi’s growing obesity problem with his new invention.

The vending machine blends together a mixture of fruit and water, which is then flash frozen before it arrives in a 12 oz. cup for the consumer. Mitchener said the smoothies are still being worked on because the juice is not yet thickening up to the consistency of a regular smoothie.

“We are adding thickening agents to make it more icy, like a real smoothie. Two weeks from now is when we expect to have a full-blown smoothie with a rich creamy texture,” Mitchener said.

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