Niche Biz: Homeless Hotel

640px Street Sleeper 2 by David Shankbone


Forget the mint on the pillow. At this hotel, there is no pillow, blanket or bed.

If you’re lucky, you stay just once at the $10-a-night Faktum Hotel, where guests experience life in Gothenburg, Sweden, as a homeless person.

If you’re unlucky, you’re actually homeless, and sleeping every night under a bridge — one of the many options at the Faktum.

With harsh winter weather, however, most of the customers check in via virtual reality. And while it might not seem like you’re getting a lot for your $10, that money is going to a a good cause — and it’s raising awareness.

“We’ve had a very cold season in January and February. It’s a time when people take matters like this more serious,” Faktum editor-in-chief, Aaron Israelson said.

All hotel profits are used to support the charity works of Faktum Magazine, a street magazine in Sweden, sold by the homeless.

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