This fish was caught with a fishing pole that fits in your pocket.

The The Pen Rod Extreme is the “world’s smallest fishing rods and reels” and was invented by Michael Di Pippo. About the size of a large pen, the rods telescope out to reveal sixty three inches (5’3”) of fully functional fishing rod. The Pen Rod Extreme is only sold on

According to Mashable:

Di Pippo decided to use video, specifically YouTube, to give product demos and preview his product because there was a built-in market, it was free, and he was able to add tags like “Fishing,” “Camping,” and “Outdoors” to give his videos more reach. “If you can make a product look like it’s fun, effective and great in a video, it would be enough to make other people want to join in and make videos with your product,” Di Pippo said. “To date there are more than 100 videos on YouTube made by happy customers from all over the globe using my products.”

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