Magento Store

If you own a Magento store, especially if you have just started, it’s essential to choose promotion technology that will be efficient, but not too expensive. There is a wide choice of tools you can use to increase the number of visits, pageviews and, most importantly, purchases.

One of such tools is banners. Recently there has been more and more skeptical attitude toward banner ads as a driver of pageviews. And it’s understandable, because an average banner has a click-through rate around 0,25% which is really low. The reason is that banners are often irrelevant to viewer’s interests and rarely lead to sales. This is what makes banner ads too pricey for Magento stores.

An inner sales driver

There is a better way to use banners to boost sales of your Magento store. Use promo banners on various pages of your website: category, product and checkout. There are several goals Magento banners attain.

  • First of all, use them to inform buyers about promotions. If a visitor has a total of $40, let him or her know you offer free shipping for orders over $50.
  • Secondly, motivate customers to buy more. For example, on pants pages you can put a banner saying there’s a discount on belts. And don’t forget about upselling: when an item drops into a cart, show the buyer a Magento banner offering a more expensive item of the same type. This will encourage customers to make impulsive purchases.
  • Last but not the least, raise the conversion ratio by offering free little gifts. A buyer will hardly abandon a shopping cart if he or she is offered a nice bookmark for the book already chosen.

Looks difficult, done easily

If you got an impression that you will have to spend hours and many hundreds of dollars on designing and customizing promo banners for your Magento store, you are a bit wrong. Software developers offer special extensions that do all this job for you. Using such extension, you’ll make sure customers know about all the relevant offers and are motivated to buy more.