Chicken Entrepreneur Makes Leaning Fun And Hi-Tech

Rupesh Kumar Shah, 25, a Computer Science engineer with a post graduate degree from IIM- Kolkata creates Open Source based content and technology that can make learning fun. His passion for technology took him to IIT Mumbai. Where he developed ‘Intux’ an operating system based on Linux. He likes himself to be called as a Chicken Entrepreneur.

The term he developed two years back when he was invited to at SP Jain College to deliver a lecture.

“A gentleman who was speaking ahead of me was talking about how people who start at 20-22 years of age chicken out. They start with a myopic aim and then chicken out and the next turn was mine and I was 22-23 years that time, so I thought it’s a good term to get associated with so I call myself chicken entrepreneur,” says Rupesh

Rupesh teamed up with Dr Sridhar Iyer of department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Mumbai and took the entrepreneurial plunge in 2009.

InOpen Technologies was incubated by the society of innovation and entrepreneurship at IIT Mumbai and housed within the IIT Mumbai campus, InOpens serves the K12 segment and offers computer-based education modules to private, municipal and government schools.

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