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Sustainability should be at the heart of every 21st century. Not only is this principle of vital importance to the future success of any growing company, but it’s also crucial that every business implements sustainability for the welfare of our planet. The recent global recession has shown us just how precarious our economic development in a purely fiscal sense. But it’s also long been known that we, as a species, are living well beyond our means. We therefore need to consider more efficient solutions for preserving the source and deployment of our resources, for both the protection of our environment and our continued economic growth.

Not as Clean as You Think

Sustainability with regards to commercial building design has long been a hot topic of discussion, not least because most organisations require at the very least an office or administration space of some kind, irrespective of sector and size. But even offices have long had a reputation for being ‘clean’ which isn’t entirely deserved, with regards to sustainability. For example; many office buildings in the UK were constructed in the 70s and 80s, without rigorous consideration for present and future environmental impact. Not only that, but many commercial buildings which were built more than 20 years ago are now regarded as being ugly, monolithic structures which provide little to no aesthetic benefit.

New Commercial Build Regulations

Modern commercial building regulations stipulate that new builds are required to meet at least a minimum standard of sustainability and the government has overseen the introduction of a number of regulations designed to incentivise sustainable building. Environmentally-aware construction methods encompass a wide range of different practices and techniques, ranging anywhere from using renewable materials to designing ‘intelligent’ buildings which are capable of regulating internal temperature without the need for a power source.

Eco Offices and Modern Design

On one end of the spectrum is a phenomenon known as the ‘eco office’. Eco offices are the future and none know this better than TG Escapes Limited. In marrying bespoke design with sustainable solutions, TG Escapes have managed to combine two of the hottest topics of the 21st century with an eye to making sustainability, not just a green solution, but one which is also organic. By doing so, they’ve highlighted perhaps one of the most effective ways to properly promote the sustainable cause; by conflating sustainability with aesthetics it’s highly probable that eco-friendly commercial buildings will become the preferred choice for businesses nationwide.