Herbalife and Income at Home: Natural Bedfellows

Income at Home

The Verge has taken a long investigative look at Income At Home, Herbalife, and the $8 billion pyramid:

Throughout our investigation, we’ve seen how building downlines through Internet Marketing biz opps — essentially, recruiting people into your downline, with the sole purpose of having them recruit even more recruiters — seems to be the sole focus of a number of the most successful Herbalife distributors. Among the biz opps of various Chairman’s Club and President’s Team Members, you have Home Business Systems (Michael Boyd), eTeam Marketing (Carla Berg), Financial Success Systems (Doran Andry), 60 Minute Money (David Bevan and Jane Clark), the Freedom Connection Group, and Freedom Lifestyles Group (both courtesy of Kurt and Cindy O’Connell).

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