Small Idea, Big Biz

Student ingenuity at finding jobs has created some interesting enterprises tapping into the Hamilton market.

The Hamilton Spectator reports that the 15 successful local candidates of the 2010 Ontario Summer Company program have businesses ranging from organic garlic growing to autism intervention for parents.

Robin Hallett, a McMaster University PhD biochemistry student, had a vegetable garden last year at his student housing when the idea struck to grow organic garlic as a business.

“Ontario imports almost 90 per cent of its garlic. “What you get in grocery stores comes from China and Argentina … which is on a boat for a month before it gets here.”

It doesn’t compare with fresh garlic, which has “way more taste,” Hallett says. So, the 26-year-old formed Solidago Farms to grow high-quality garlic, something he himself appreciates.

“It has a long history. It has medicinal value and almost every culture in the world uses garlic as part of its cuisine.” He chose to grow organic because “I just think it’s important to respect the Earth, and also that if you are good to your body, it’ll be good to you.”

But his goal is to sell to a restaurant interested in locally- grown, fresh organic garlic to season its cuisine.

Photo by The Hamilton Spectator.

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