Niche Biz: Very Very Unique Chocolate

Wild Ophelia Chocolate

Cassandra Daily:

Katrina Markoff spent the last six years helming Vosges Haut-Chocolat, a boutique sweets brand that’s perhaps most famous for its bacon flavors. In an effort to bring her confections to the masses, the “Kate Spade of chocolate makers” launched Wild Ophelia. The more casual spinoff, though half the price and easier to find than Vosges, is anything but conventional. Incorporating New Orleans chili peppers (“high in vitamins”), nuts (“nutrient-rich”), and beef jerky (“high protein”), flavors are as gourmet as they are good-for-you. Even the BBQ potato chip flavor touts a gluten-free stamp. Virtuous in more ways than one, the all-natural ingredients are sourced entirely from small farms and independent artisans.

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