A Lice Removal Business Opportunity

Stop Lice

That was fast.

Larada Sciences, makers of the LouseBuster™, mentioned in this previous post, also offer LouseBuster as a business opportunity.

Larada Sciences is a science-based medical technology company dedicated to the safe elimination of human head lice infestations. Our revolutionary new product, the LouseBuster device, is a breakthrough medical device that provides a safe, fast and highly effective way to kill all stages of head lice without using chemicals.

Our goal is to have this exciting new product available around the world. We are seeking individuals who are interested in running their own mobile or salon-based business using the LouseBuster device.

To continue our rapid growth we are looking for independent partners who are seeking new, profitable business opportunities by becoming LouseBuster service providers!

Candidates must be passionate about helping families get rid of head lice, have business experience, the financial strength to own a business, and have the energy and focus to market this unique service to potential customers. Key contacts may include: school nurses, pediatricians and general practitioners, hair salons, summer camps and many others.

Explanatory video below.

For more info, call 877-781-0999 or fill out this form.

Photo by lantapix/ShutterStock.

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