Internet Defamation Should Put a Stopper in Your Big Mouth

The only thing worse than receiving a letter in the mail from an attorney is opening it up and discovering that you are being sued.

In this, the age of easy publishing to the internet, it is easier than ever to get yourself into hot water, especially in the area of defamation.

Did you know that to be considered defamation a statement only has to be (1) proven to be false, (2) published to more than one person and (3) caused harm. You don’t even have to be knowingly saying something false. For example, if you posted on Facebook or Twitter that Acme Burger Company uses iguanas in their burgers instead of beef (and they don’t), and just one of your followers choses to eat somewhere else in light of that information, you’re guilty of defamation.


Internet Defamation Marketing Action 3


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