Mark Cuban’s Guide to Sharktank

Mark Cuban is a billionaire entrepreneur who just happens to own the Dallas Mavericks. If you didn’t know, he’s also a prolific blogger. You can read his site here.

He’s also one of the sharks on Shark Tank. He’s posted a quick and dirty guide to Shark Tank with many of the questions he’s often asked. Here are a couple really interesting ones:

  • We know absolutely nothing other than the name of the entrepreneur when they walk into the Shark Tank. Which is exactly why you see us all start taking notes the minute they start talking and telling us what they are looking for.
  • The pitches that you see are just as we see them. The entrepreneurs don’t get any do overs. If they screw up , they screw up and the show must go on. Some have freaked out, and we try to calm them and get them back on track.
  • The pitches and the Q&A can go on for anywhere from 20 minutes for a deal everyone hates to more than an hour for a deal everyone is competing for. The producers then cut it down to what you see on air

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