Selling Earplugs at Concerts

Photo by 4nitsirk

Hearing loss from exposure to loud music is a serious problem. One study from the University of Minnesota found that after a concert, 64% of the test subjects had significantly changed their ability to hear soft sounds, compared to 27% of the subjects who wore earplugs.

With statistics like that, you think that selling earplugs at a Prince concert would be a slam dunk. One teenager in Canada tried it last month:

My 16-year-old son jumped at the chance to make some quick money, and I supported the venture as a simple public health good deed — protecting the hearing of my fellow concert goers. “Enjoy the music but protect your hearing,” was their pitch line.

But the texts started to arrive not 20 minutes after he and his friends arrived at the concert hall, knapsack filled with the bright orange plugs: “People are laughing at us.” “ Nobody is buying,” followed by “This is a stupid idea!”

Better luck next time.

Photo by 4nitsirk.

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