Personalized tags are not limited to your dog or military personnel, it is a trend that has been around for some time. Whether you want to wear them as a necklace or use them to keep track of luggage, there is a market for the product. X=Tag is at the head of the market with their dog tag vending machines.

Whether you want something for yourself, your friends, your luggage, or your dog, the vending machines make it easy for your to put in your money and choose the custom information you want etched into the metal. There is no long mail in or wait system for your product. Like any other vending product, you will receive your product almost instantly. For the right entrepreneur, they also offer a unique opportunity to buy these machines for placement in local stores.

I recently asked Tom Stewart a few questions about the machines and their business opportunity.

Tell us a little about X=Tag.

X=Tag is a division, or brand of CIM USA, Inc. The X=Tag brand was created as a dedicated division to promote dog tags for various uses outside of standard military and industrial manufacturing segments.

What inspired it?

X=Tag was inspired by the growing dog tag fashion trend in the U.S. as well as other parts of the world.

How are the tags made?

Dog tags are made by a metal plate embossing machine which is the heart of X=Tag. The MDT500 HE is the same unit used by the US military. This is the embossing machine built into X=Tag.

Tell us a little about your business opportunity.

X=Tag offers profit and opportunity for areas that get foot traffic volume such as family entertainment centers, arcades, malls, airports, etc. X=Tag earning potential is tremendous, as once you buy or lease the machine, there is no need for an operator, you simply install the stand-alone vending unit and it produces the finished product on its own.

What are your requirements?

X=Tag starts at $19,995.00 with the initial 6 units placed in the USA starting at $11,100. The cost of the consumables is $0.90. Average retail selling price is $5.00.

Who may benefit the most from an opportunity like this?

This opportunity is a great family business and part time venture. Once a machine is placed, it is really a matter of checking a few time a week to see that it has ample supplies and emptying the money. Also, existing businesses like Amusement Parks/Theme Parks, Museums, Gaming Arcades, Family entertainment Centers, Movie Theaters, Malls, Large Retail stores, Army Navy Stores, Airports , Any Tourist Attraction, Military Bases and PX’s, can increase income with this self-service machine.

Do you have any goals you would like to accomplish over the next year or so?

We would like to place our first six machines in the USA.

What are some lessons your business has taught you?

The vending and business opportunity business is much different than our existing sale of dog tag machines and supplies to the US Government and our commercial customers. The vending business is more difficult in that you are selling equipment, but I think more importantly “a money-making concept”. This is more complex and takes more time. It does not help that there are many fly-by-night operators with so-called business opps.

Do you have any advice you’d like to offer fellow entrepreneurs just getting started?

Just that the possibilities are limitless, and depending on a person or company’s needs, goals and desires, we can assist with a profitable solution.

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