The Impact That the Internet has Made on Business

Ecommerce Chart

For more than a century businesses have worked mainly from a shop, where customers would come into the store and purchase products. Advertisements only initially appeared through posters, billboards and newspapers, and then when the radio (or ‘wireless’ as it was called back then) came around, adverts could be played over the air waves. Similarly TV adverts were also a good way for brands to market their products but things changed when the internet became a global success.

The Internet Age

The Dot Come Bubble saw a stage of huge growth in the online market sector, from 1997-2000, businesses had to restructure their whole model to adapt and some fell under whilst others flourished. It is very uncommon these days for a successful business to function without having a website, nearly all companies out there have adapted by investing in a good working website. Website sales have risen by 8.2% in 2014 since 2013, and a total of $223.9 Billion of E-commerce sales are projected to have been sold in 2014, a rise of more than $90 Billion since 2008.

Implementing Your Business the Right Way

An issue that many smaller business owners are faced with is the technological barrier that they may have when dealing with a website. People who are very well suited to running a highly successful shop may have the problem of working a store through a website, where there is no face to face customer service and the only impression the customer will get is from the pictures, videos and words on the site itself, taking away from all human character that was once the key to a good business, this is a much bigger change and can be a difficult one for some.

Technical teams out there can be used to create aesthetically pleasing websites that work well and bring in the cash, but the issue with this is that professional web builders are going to charge a lot of money for their highly specialised service.

There are other options out there for those people looking to take on the challenge of starting a website for a much more reasonable cost. Many companies out there provide you with an-all-in-one package to keep everything a lot more manageable and simple. A service offered by website and hosting provider includes a domain name, website hosting and even a website building package. You can build your own site using the WordPress themes that they have ready for you, allowing you to easily create a fully functioning site and have it up and running with minimal hassle. This is a really good package for anyone looking to start up a professional website without the hefty price tag.

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