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Dollar Shave Club – Selling Razors Online: $1 at a Time

Dollar Shave Club – Selling Razors Online: $1 at a Time


Dollar Shave Club is a subscription service that will deliver razors direct to your door each month – for a nominal fee. They must be making a bundle off of each razor, because they’ve got some big backers who have given them over $1 million in VC funding.

Now, that’s a lot of razors!

Michael Dubin, the company’s CEO, argues that the high-end of the market has gotten ridiculously overpriced, with “a vibrating handle, a back-scratcher, and all of that stuff.” On the low-end, he says that people with “well-developed self images” don’t want to walk into a K-Mart or Wal-Mart to buy a pack of cheap razors. (I buy disposable razors at my local Walgreens, but I’m a tech journalist, so my self-image is screwed up in all kinds of ways.)

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So what about price?

When it comes to price AND convenience, it’s hard to beat the cost of the Dollar Shave Club plus the convenience of the delivery to your doorstep service.

Is it just razors?

If it once was, it is not anymore. The Dollar Shave Club has introduced products such as body gel’s, shave butters, cleansing wipes and even travel packages and kits.

What is the ordering process like?

The ordering process is really simple as well. You just create an account, order your razors and select your delivery schedule. The Dollar Shave Club system will recommend a few additional items for you that accompany your razors very well. You can select them or not, put in your payment information, and soon you will begin to receive your razors – plus any additional items you ordered.

It is a brilliant business system!

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