Thinking about starting a business? The Wall Street Journal has a collection of advice for people getting ready to take that leap.

–Don’t start a business to get rich because there may be surer routes to material gain, such as working for an existing multinational and building up stock options. Start a business if you are passionate about an idea, want to change the world or crave an exciting life where change is a constant.

–You can be entrepreneurial even within a big company by launching a new product or starting a branch in a different country. But that doesn’t compare to the level of risk in actually starting your own business and having your own paycheck and that of other employees dependent on your business’s success.

–Women are sometimes more risk- averse and so shy away from starting their own businesses. In reality, women make good entrepreneurs because they’re socialized to juggle and running your own business involves doing multiple different tasks, from fundraising to managing to hiring, at the same time.

Photo by Amplified2010