New York Daily News:

What’s one way to get your kid to wear a mouthguard while playing rough and tumble sports? Make it taste like bubblegum. At least that’s the logic behind MoGo Sport’s new flavored mouthguards.

All while protecting your kids’ pearly whites, the mouthguards come in flavors including lemon, mint, orange, bubblegum and fruit punch. Since the flavor is embedded inside the device, the company says it lasts game after game.

“The products provide the vital dental shielding that standard guards offer, with the added incentive for young players to keep their teeth safe,” wrote Springwise on Tuesday. Sports it’s designed for include football, rugby, baseball, skiing, snowboarding and lacrosse. If you live in the US, you can purchase the mouthguards online for $11.99 in two styles, clear and black. MoGo mouthguards are also sold internationally via distributors including Sport Access in France, Jucalo in Japan, and Beyond Sports in Australia and New Zealand.