Jetlev Flyer Water-Powered Jetpack

The Jetlev Flyer is a tethered water-powered jetpack. Unlike other jetpacks available today, flight times can be measured in hours and flights can be almost 200 miles in length because the Jetlev’s fuel supply and powerplant is in a floating mini-boat down on the water. The jetpack is teether to the boat by a long hose that delivers pressurized water to the control nozzles. It can reach top speeds of a little over 40 miles per hour.

Jetlev is looking for dealers, and is offering exclusive territories and generous discounts for large orders. They are also looking for people to open Jetlev parks:

Offer access to the general public for admission fees and multi-use passes. Provide facilities for games and challenges (e.g. water pistols and targets, obstacle courses), competitions (e.g. closed loops, top speeds, precision, etc.), performances (e.g. solo or group, figures and formations), and create other revenue streams (e.g. food and drinks, souvenir sales).

and independent rental agencies:

Set up a rental agency at a busy tourist destination and profit from busy bookings while charging premium rates compared to personal watercraft rentals.

But, is it safe?

The water hose limits flight altitudes to less than 30 feet and water serves as an excellent safety net at normal operating heights and speeds. Vertical entry speed is no more than 30 mph and has been well-proven by platform divers to be low in risk.

This could replace Segway rentals as the gadget rental business to be in!

Another flight videos is available after the jump.

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