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The problem: An epidemic of credit card fraud online is threatening e-Commerce and scaring away customers.

The solution: A brand-new technology that lets customers use debit cards online without giving their credit card info… and saves online merchants a fortune in fees!

IFAN Financial Inc. (OTCBB: IFAN) eliminates the need for credit card numbers making it nearly impossible for thieves to steal your information. Because when you use a bank debit card, you DON”T actually provide any credit card information. Banks consider the combination of a physical debit card and a pin code to be the equivalent of cash. They call this a card present transaction

When you swipe your debit card at a grocery store, and key in your secret Pin number, it’s a “card present transaction”…

The store accepts debit cards just like it does cash… and none of your private information, such as the numbers on the debit card, are recorded by the merchant.

Instead, the encrypted information stored on the debit card’s magnetic strip or digital chip is transmitted directly to the bank.

When combined with the Pin number, it allows the bank to release the funds directly to the merchant… but the merchant never even sees, much less stores, your credit card information.

The problem is that “someone” is vulnerable. Despite the $5.6 billion that merchants spend annually on various security methods, credit card information can often be accessed by identity thieves and hackers.

Why is IFAN so Revolutionary?

Well, up until now the only practical way to buy something online is with a credit card. Sure, there are a few alternatives available — e-checks, pre-paid credit cards, Western Union and so on—but for most people, most of the time; credit cards are the only practical option.

But Credit Cards Have a Huge, Indeed Fatal Drawback.

When buying anything online, you have no choice but to give all your credit card info to someone— the credit card numbers, expiration date and Cvv code.

Well, IFAN has figured out a way to use this same system… only online and with smart- phones, in a way that makes it virtually impossible to steal your credit card information.

It has an exclusive, patented technology that allows customers and vendors to use bank debit cards online and with their smartphones—and without having to disclose the numbers on the cards.

We are looking forward to seeing this technology spread like wildfire in the next couple of months! You can find them over Facebook and Google+.

We are not brokers but IFAN Financial (OTCBB: IFAN) looks very promising and for any investment advice you should consult your broker