How to Make Money Ghostwriting Letters from Santa

Some time around Thanksgiving, thousands of people suddenly realize that they don’t have enough money to supply Santa with the presents he needs to place under the tree Christmas morning. Desperately, they begin looking for something, anything, to make a little extra income.

It’s funny, but the answer to their problem is the source of their problem: Santa Claus.

Santa Claus is a folkloric “jolly old elf” who is said to bring presents to children on Christmas morning.

But this mythical man in the red suit doesn’t just work on Christmas Eve. He’s busy from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas having his photograph taken with millions of children in malls around the world, and answering letters from boys and girls.

Now, unless you meet certain physical requirements (or can hide them with a fake beard and padding), you’re unlikely to be able to help Santa with the photography part of the business, but if you’re good with words, and have access to a fountain pen and fancy stationary, you can definitely assist him with all of his correspondence.

When I helped Santa with his letters, I first contacted several families with young children in the community and told them that I was helping Santa this year.T They readily purchased my services and shared my information with their friends who also had children.

For the letters themselves, I provide a simple questionnaire to the parents asking for information about their children — nothing too personal — just about friends, school, teachers, pets, hobbies and different activities. If parents had a specific request about being good for Grandma or keeping his or her room clean, I add that in.

You’ll want to do as I did, and toss in a few extra “Ho-ho-ho’s” and mention how the reindeer are getting ready for their big night, and that the elves are busy in the workshop.

Lastly, print out, or handwrite the letter, sign it, and seal it up in a Christmasy envelope.

Now, although Santa’s too busy himself to write and mail the letters, he’s not too busy to postmark them. For the last few years, the US Postal Service has been assisting him. To get the “North Pole” postmark for free, all you have to do is mail your stamped and addressed holiday cards and letters in a larger envelope, box, Priority Mail, or Express Mail package to:

North Pole Holiday Cancellation
4141 Postmark Dr
Anchorage AK 99530-9998

This service is provided at no cost, but each card or letter must be addressed and have the correct amount of postage.

I typically charged $25 for a letter, but price your service as the market demands.

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