Before starting a business, there’s so much to figure out. You need to find a location, get the power turned on, the internet connected, move in the desks and chairs and finally set up your computer.

But before you turn that computer on, you need to think about something important: computer viruses. For the same reason that you put a lock on your door, and set the alarm when you leave, your computer needs protection.

A computer virus a is a program that when run on your computer, infects the computer by expanding and embeding itself in the other programs and files on your hard drive. Viruses often perform some sort of harmful activity, including various types of theft. Whether that steal anything or not, computer viruses cause damage because they often make the infected computer less useful, either by slowing down normal operations, limiting disk space, saturating the internet connection, or corrupting data.

Computer viruses currently cause billions of dollars of economic damage every year, but are in the news lot less today than they were a decade ago, and there’s a good reason why: most businesses (and individuals) use antivirus software to protect their computers. Today’s antivirus software is constantly updated with vaccines for the newest viruses. It is usually only a matter of minutes after a virus is discovered in the wild that an update is pushed down to your computer — protecting you even before you know that you need protection.

An excellent website to find your first antivirus software is As the name describes the site ranks and offers reviews of the ten best antivirus software packages on the market.

The top ranked software on the site includes McAfee, Kaspersky Lab, BullGuard, Bitdefender, Norton, AVG, ESET, TrendMicro, Pareto Logic and Zone Alarm.

All of the reviewed software updates in real time, and constantly scans in the background for viral and spyware threats. Some of the apps also protect you against worms and trojan attacks.