5 Tips To Boost Your Social Media Presence

In an Internet-savvy world driven by social media, a single tweet can make or break a brand. Boosting your social media presence is more than just having a page dedicated to your product or service or an official microblogging account; it’s about having good content and a smart social media strategy. If you want to gain recognition, expand your reach, and boost your business’ presence on social media, follow these tips…

Build and complete your profiles

If you already have your social media profiles set up, it’s a good idea to go back and review them. Make sure they contain information about your brand or company, including some background details. If you find that your current profiles are lacking or out of date, update them immediately. Profile views are just as important as website traffic. Without a complete profile, prospective customers who would like to know about you will simply leave and look elsewhere.

Make your presence human

An overly corporate-sounding social media presence can lead to customers turning away, so make your presence human and personal. Deliver your message in a voice that can communicate with your audience. It sounds tempting to automate the process of updating your social media accounts, but this can easily backfire when the posts begin to be perceived as spam. Book a visit from a motivational speaker – http://www.martinlindstrom.com/speaking/ for example – to understand the value of the human touch.

Create valuable content

It’s crucial to your social media presence to make your page or account worth following. Your content must be relevant to your target audience in order for you to obtain more followers and accomplish the following objectives:

  • Get people to share your content 
  • Have valuable dialogue with your target market 
  • Get more website visitors though profile views and link clicks 
  • Grow your network through followers, fans, and connections 

To achieve these you must know and understand your audience and think carefully what they will have to gain by following you. Make sure that the content you post is worthy not only of liking, but of sharing. Track what works and deliver popular content on a regular basis.

Engage and interact

Communication via social media is two-way: you say something, and people will comment, or ask questions. Use this feature to your advantage by engaging your users. Answer their questions, thank them for their support and manage negativity in a positive and professional manner. Interacting with followers is one way to grow an intelligent network, which can help you to learn what is on the minds of your audience so you can improve your brand strategy.

Be consistent with your message

Make your social media channels consistent with the message you want to impart. Link your channels together under one clear campaign. Set aside a dedicated time each day to building and engaging with your network. A consistently visible social media account builds trust, making audiences know you’re there and are easily accessible. It’s also important that your social media activity doesn’t take place in isolation to the rest of the business. Make sure everyone is singling from hymn sheet for maximum effectiveness.

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