Comindware offers efficient and easy to master software for workflow automation and Business Process Management. Computerization has improved the way companies function by adding both speed and accuracy to their systems and productivity. Business enterprises can no longer afford to have bottlenecks due to delay in information flowing within the organization. Comindware Business Process Management software is broadly divided into Comindware Project- Project Management Software and Comindware Tracker- Workflow Automation Software. These tools enable managerial personnel to plan, monitor/track, make necessary changes in time, and generate required reports. They also facilitate easy collaborations on projects.

Why Choose Comindware Tools?

Comindware suite of business tools stands heads and shoulders above the rest because of these features-

Comindware Project Solutions-

  • These tools are comprehensive solutions. This means all functions of a business can be done with Comindware suit of BPM tools. Any business has several activities in it such as production planning, monitoring activities of different departments, accounting, finance management, correspondence, regulatory compliance, etc. In the past, people used to make changes manually in the management reports. This increases the scope for errors. With Comindware BPM tools, changes are implemented seamlessly.
  • Moreover, these tools are compatible with modern software applications and technologies such as Microsoft Outlook and Cloud computing.

Comindware Tracker Solutions-

  • Comindware Tracker facilitates customization of reports as needed, which is necessary since different business enterprises need various types of reports. Effectively, this suite of BPM tools from Comindware is suitable for every business.
  • Comindware BPM tools process information in real time, and also give access to such information in real time. A lot of flexibility has been incorporated by having smaller programs for every instruction. Critical Path Method ensures that Comindware workflow management software avoids unnecessary routines for the instruction, thereby reducing the time taken for execution of instruction.
  • Security of information is always a concern in the contemporary world, especially when information is accessed using Cloud or Internet. Such technologies cannot be avoided because of the speed that they offer. They are important if the business has to remain competitive. This means security concerns be addressed. Comindware BPM tools secure the data by preventing unauthorized people from accessing the information. Such unauthorized person may be working within the organization or outside the organization. Permissions would be needed to obtain information at various levels.
  • Task assignation is another important feature of these tools. This makes it easier to pinpoint responsibility. It is also easier to select the right person from different departments for the task that may be created, based on the nature of the work, which flexibility is not possible in rigid environments.
  • The program facilitates management features such as setting deadlines so that other activities can be cohesively integrated into this tool and any hurdles can be identified at the outset and addressed. Periodically, team members may update the progress as well.
  • The tracker facilitates tracking of resources available within the organization.
  • Comindware tools are available at extremely reasonable price considering the features and facilities that this suite of BPM tools offers.
  • Unlike many other software providers, software developers of can always be contacted for any clarifications after sales and after the 30 days trial period. In addition, a tutorial can be downloaded so that businesses enterprises can optimally use the features in this workflow management software.


Market is flooded with various tools and software programs to facilitate requirements of business enterprises. For entrepreneurs running small and medium sized businesses, investment in these tools is a crucial decision since they need to attend to the teething problems of their company. These enterprises also cannot afford to spend in many different types of tools, at least not in the initial stages of their business. Buying the BPM tools from Comindware would ensure a smoother ride for such businesses.