Create a “killer” of a subject line and increase your message’s chances of being read by your target audience. Generally, the subject line is the foremost thing in a message noticed by the receiver. As such, if you do not make it eye-catching, you will fail to convey your message to most recipients. If you do not know how to create a good subject line, do not worry. Mentioned below are some great tips that can help you create a perfect subject line:

1. Offer a Benefit 

A great subject line will guarantee to meet a need or solve a problem. A good example of this is a price cut on services or products the customers is interested in. For instance “Save 25% on all shoes.”

You can offer a benefit that allows the recipient to grow or learn. For example, “Free guide: let the world’s information work for you (no Masters degree required).”

2. Give Information that is Unique and New.  

A subject line that offers real information – news that the recipient will rarely hear anywhere else – gets quick attention. For example, “Breaking News: Florida mayor arrested for drunk driving.” (Use the “breaking news” tagline only if the news is true.)

So, if you intend to send a message with such subject line, make sure the information is fresh.

3. Make it Personal 

Isn’t it true that you prefer reading mails from the people you know? That is, you are likely to open a mail with subject line “Hi, Bro” as compared to “Buy our napkins”. This is why companies prioritize in creating the person to person communication sense. Such a personal connection goes a long way since it creates a strong bond of trust and compels your potential customer to open the message and read it.

You can ask the recipient’s opinion: “Tell us about your thoughts.” It will let the person feel his/her opinion matters to you. Also, try to send the message from a personal email account rather than a “no-reply” one. This will give the impression that the sender really cares about your opinion. Moreover, it will let the recipient feel that his/her message will be directly read by the person in-charge.

4. Relate to the Current Events 

Is there a thunderstorm in your city? Is the much anticipated Brad Pitt movie finally released?  By adding the information of current events, you will give a very good reason for the recipient to open your message. The recipient may even forward the message to his/her contacts, so do give priority to the addition of current events.

5. Add the “Fun” Factor 

Your email may address a serious topic, but it does not mean you should be “dry” with your message. Try to add the “playfulness” factor in your subject line – since humor gets noticed. Here are some examples for this:

  • Quick, Easy and Delicious –Veteran’s Cook Book Club 
  • Forget licking, you will definitely bite your fingers, just try our new steak – John’s Steak House 

Just remember, while different features of your email are beyond your control, you can always create an excellent subject line. If you want to find more information on this topic then contact email marketing professionals such as Mailigen.