5 Great Reasons for investing in a Franchise

Investing in a franchise seems to be the best and most successful way in which to make a good profit. Many wish to expand their businesses by investing in a popular, trusted franchise because it is more likely that a business or company will succeed if they use a well-known name, for example. There are many great reasons to invest in a franchise but here are just a few.

1. Higher Success Rates

A non-franchised business often needs to fight harder to maintain their status in comparison to those businesses who have invested in a franchise. This is due to the fact that a franchise is one of the most secured investments that you can make. Investing in an electronic cigarette franchise, for example, opens you up to a wider market and audience, boosting sales and the success of your business.

2. Financing

A great aspect of investing in a franchise is the sheer amount of financial support that will become available to your business almost immediately. The franchisors themselves will often offer financial aid to get you started whilst banks are said to be more likely to grant you a loan as there is thought to be a lower risk involved in this type of investment.

3. Ongoing Support

If you invest in a franchise you can be sure that you are in safe hands. They are well known for showing continuous support to their investors, providing you with pre-determined store layouts and standard procedures for aspects of business such as stock control and accounting. According to www.freshthinkingbusiness.com, “the franchisor may be able to provide you with better terms for the centralised bulk purchase of raw materials or goods used by the franchise.” On top of this, you can also benefit from the franchisors’ “ongoing research and development undertaken to improve the franchised product or service.”

4. Familiar Ground

One of the main reasons why people choose to invest in a franchise is because that business concept has already been ‘tried and tested’. It has gone through the initial introductory stage and established itself in its chosen market. It is widely believed that franchises have a better track record of success, meaning that the risks of failure from this type of business venture is severely reduced. A familiar brand name will ensure that your business will have customers and people that are loyal to that brand, another great reason to invest in something that you love.

5. Independence

Business owners who seek more independence with their investments will achieve as much when they choose to invest in a franchise. This is because you will own your own business, giving you a lot of independence and freedom. According to Business Smart, the independence from owning your own business will be paired with ongoing support from the franchise and reassures new business owners that the only way to let your company grow is through trial and error. It’s okay to make some mistakes along the way as long as you learn from these mistakes and improve upon them.

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