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How to Get Certified as a Home Energy Auditor

How to Get Certified as a Home Energy Auditor

Right now is the perfect time to get certified as a home energy auditor and get your start in the energy efficiency industry. Programs, both nationwide and locally, are creating incentives for energy audits. Therefore, the demand for certified home energy auditors is high. What’s more, it will only continue to grow as people become more and more energy conscious.


Build Your Skills and Become Certified

Becoming a home energy auditor may take a little time and effort. However, once you learn the skills it can be a highly rewarding industry in which you can find success. Plus, you’ll have a career that will last you a lifetime.

But first, you’ll need to get certified. The Building Performance Institute (BPI) is the leading certification and accreditation body for energy auditors. BPI maintains a list of training affiliates who offer week-long trainings ($1,000-$2,000), either in person or online. Contact them to get started.


You’ll Need Basic Equipment

Once you have your basic training under your belt, so to speak, you’ll need to equip yourself.

As far as other startup costs, there is the equipment you’ll need to perform audits, which will add up to about $5,000.

So get all of the training you need and earn your certification, then purchase your equipment. After that, you will have everything you need to be an expert home energy auditor.

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