Become a Publisher with The Homesteader

Is the publishing industry something that’s always intrigued you as a business opportunity? Now’s your chance to become a publisher with The Homesteader.

The Homesteader is a newspaper that gets mailed directly to new homeowners. Since 1990, each issue of The Homesteader educates neighborhood newcomers on home improvement projects, decorating tips, antiques, restaurant reviews and a community calendar. It’s the perfect tool to help new homeowners get become familiar with and settle into their new community. More than 5,000 copies are mailed per month, per community.

As publisher of your own local Homesteader, you will manage all operations, getting editorial content provided to you, and you’ll sell marketing and ad space to local businesses. You’ll work directly with a local printer and graphic designer to produce each month’s publication. Besides standard ad space, you also have the opportunity to offer other services to advertisers, such as direct mailings, inserts, labels and coupons.

New homeowners are a preferred target market – they typically fall into a high-income bracket, are new to local merchants and, as new homeowners, have a need for products and services. That could mean a very lucrative business for you.

As publisher of The Homesteader, you’ll be providing a service to homeowners while establishing a lucrative business all on your own. Buy your first territory for only $400 down, $3,000 after six months. The first six months are on a trial basis – if you’re not happy with the business or aren’t finding success, you can resign. The first three issues you publish are royalty-free.

For more information, visit The Homesteader.